Frequently Asked Questions


What is Nazdeeq?

Nazdeeq is a unique service that allows you to shop on Amazon, pay in cash, get real time quotes and a hassle free delivery to your doorstep.

Nazdeeq calculates the lowest customs and shipping charges and takes care of all of the associated payments, or other necessary arrangements for your order on your behalf*. All the great things you want to order just come straight to your doorstep. No problem.

Why choose Nazdeeq?

Our seamless integration with the website promises the true Amazon shopping experience. In fact with our quick and friendly platform you can make a purchase in 4 simple clicks and we will take care of the rest – hidden customs, taxes and shipping – all that will probably give you a headache if you did it on your own. You no longer have to wait for your next trip abroad, request someone to bring something for you or settle for a mediocre alternative.

How does it work?

Where is Nazdeeq’s services available?

Nationwide in Pakistan.

How do I contact customer service?

You can reach us by:


Can I pay with other payment methods or just cash?

At the moment, we provide payment option through cash only. Nazdeeq does not support credit cards, pre-paid cards, money wires, or bank transfers.

How do I pay for my purchase with cash?

After you're done shopping, just click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button and you'll find yourself at the Nazdeeq checkout page. Under the "Cash Payment Method" title in the right margin, you can choose your preferred way of payment:

Are the cash payments safe? How would I know if they've been confirmed successfully?

Your cash payments on Nazdeeq are 100% secure and guaranteed. Nazdeeq uses a secure cash payment network to collect your payment. You will always receive a hard receipt confirming your order, confirmation emails, and an instant SMS to assure you that your payment has been made. Please note that in any case that you do not receive a hard receipt, confirmation emails, or an SMS, immediately get in touch with Nazdeeq customer service ([email protected]) to resolve the issue.

How long do I have from the moment my order is placed till the moment that I pay?

After your order is placed, you generally have 4 days to make your payment. It is preferred that you make your payment as soon as possible as this will decrease the chances of your ordered items to not be available on Amazon, especially if they are in high demand.

What if I do not pay for my order?

The order will be canceled.

Our policy is that we attempt to contact our customers a number of times before taking action towards their orders. Generally, we attempt to contact with our customers 3 times at different intervals. If we are unable to make contact with you, we automatically cancel your order. Of course, you are free to contact Nazdeeq's customer service team to re-enable it later.


What are the "Subtotal", "Taxes", "Fees" & other charges on the checkout page?

On every Nazdeeq order you'll see a transparent breakdown of charges and data points associated with your order. They are:

Is the total price all I have to pay?

What you see is what you pay!. The "Total" price you see at checkout is the only price you are required to pay. There are no hidden fees or extra charges upon arrival.

Why does my order require further review?

Nazdeeq calculates all of the shipment, customs and delivery charges on the fly and presents them to you at checkout. In some few cases, the system will not be able to clarify the item details electronically. Hence, Nazdeeq team will have to make a quick human assessment for your order in hopes filling in the missing order information. Once the order is clarified, an email with the final price will be sent to you immediately. Also, you may enter into your My Orders section to view the final price there. You may confirm or cancel your order thereafter.

What if I do not pay for my order after it's been reviewed?

After your order has been reviewed, the final price will be sent to you via email or can be seen in the My Orders section of the site. You will also receive an automated call a while after your order is reviewed. There is no commitment to paying for your order at this point. You may choose to cancel via our automated calling system or by contacting our customer service team that's available to you by email or telephone.

If no contact is made with the customer, the order will be automatically canceled after the third attempt to get in touch.

Why did I receive an automated call?

Regional ecommerce customers expect to be contacted by the site they place their orders on. Nazdeeq's automated call system contacts you to confirm the order that you placed on the site. Once you receive the call, you will be prompted to confirm the order, cancel it or leave a message for the customer service department to get back to you if you have any questions.

If you cannot answer the call, our system will attempt to contact you at least 3 times at different intervals. If we cannot reach you, your order will be canceled.

How was my personal information pre-filled at checkout? Can they be changed?

If you are a returning customer, at checkout you'll find that your address and phone number are pre-filled into the associated fields for convenience. This is because they have been saved to your profile from the first order that you placed on the site.

If you wish to change you information for a particular order you are placing through your account, you may change them directly from the checkout page and the new information will be saved to that particular order. If you are to place a new order, your original information will appear again.

If you are looking to change your default information associated with your account, you may do so from the settings section on Nazdeeq.

Shipping and Delivery

Where will my items be delivered?

Your items will be delivered to the address associated with the order at the point of checkout. Our local courier partners in your area deliver orders to your door. If any additional address information or clarifications are required, the couriers may contact you for advice.

How long does my order take to arrive?

Orders usually take an average of 10-14 business days to arrive if suppliers that are within the United States are sourcing them. For suppliers that are outside of the United States, orders will take over 14 business days to arrive.

Customers should note that Nazdeeq is not a shipping company in itself, and delays may take place due to matters that are outside of Nazdeeq's control. These could be related to high shipping season congestion, customs related delays, or simply because of orders getting lost in the mail. Nazdeeq promises to do its very best in following up on every order to make sure that you are satisfied with the service.

What if I was not available to receive my packages upon delivery?

Our delivery partner will arrange for a second delivery trial free of charge. In case of providing an unclear address or an unreachable telephone number, Nazdeeq will send you a notification by email. If no details were received within 3 business days, you will be responsible for picking up your packages upon an agreed on time from Nazdeeq office. Packages that are abandoned by their customers for an unreasonable amount of time may be subject to being destroyed without refund.

How can I know the status of my order?

The status of each order is displayed in the My Orders section on the Nazdeeq site. The status of the order will display whether it is "Pending Payment", "Paid", "Shipped", "Completed" or "Canceled".

What do the status updates of my packages mean?

The package I have received only contains some of the items I have ordered. Where are my other items?

Amazon has many merchants from various places all around the world selling on their marketplace. Although you might place items in the same cart, they are very likely to ship from different suppliers in separate packages. This will result in multiple packages arriving to you. Once all of the items in your cart ship from their suppliers, you will receive a shipment confirmation email with details around the number of shipments you are scheduled to receive. You may also track your individual shipments and their progress by visiting the My Orders section on Nazdeeq.

What if the goods I receive are damaged?

At Nazdeeq, we guarantee that your package gets to you in the best condition possible. Local customs and security might require opening your packages for inspection. This may alter or ruin the packaging, but we'll do our very best to ensure that the actual products you requested are in the condition you ordered them in.

Any proven damages to the functionality of the product will be refunded according to our refund policy for that particular product. No worries.

What if customs agents or security marshals confiscate my order?

As a first line of warning, the Nazdeeq system has pre-set a number of items and item categories to be prohibited. If your order contains an item that is not allowed to be imported into your destination country, your order will automatically require a review by our customer service team. If there is a prohibited item in your cart, it may result in the cancelation of your full order prior to your payment. If your shopping cart is reviewed and approved, you will receive the final total price for your order and can then choose to confirm it or cancel as you please.

If for any unforeseen reason that your order arrives to its destination country and is confiscated upon arrival, you will be refunded according to our refund policies.

Are there any approvals required for the imported items?

Depending on laws within the destination country your package is shipping to, there may be approvals that are required to import your package. Approvals are required to be obtained by the customer. This is because most approvals require the beneficiary to sign off on the approval itself, and Nazdeeq cannot carry that out on behalf of the customer. In the occasion that your order requires any of these, the shipment documents will be delivered to you by the local courier and your package will be placed on hold. After obtaining the necessary approval, the approval documents will be picked up from your address and the shipment will be cleared and delivered to you.

Are there any items that can't be delivered via Nazdeeq?

Due to regulations and laws, there are particular items that cannot be imported into a particular destination country. Every country has a list of items that cannot be imported into that country. The Nazdeeq system will notify the user of some, but not all, of these items. To avoid complications, customers are encouraged to review Prohibited Items list for the items that are to be imported to their final address before placing their orders. If a prohibited item is added to your cart, it could result in the cancellation of your whole order prior to its payment.


Where can I see my order history?

By visiting the My Orders section on Nazdeeq, you will see your full order history as well as the status of each of those orders. You can click on any of the order numbers to view its details.

Can I return or exchange an item?

Nazdeeq wants you to be the happiest customer alive! If you have a problem with your order, Nazdeeq's team will do everything in its power to keep you happy. Just call our customer service personnel and we'll fix things for you as soon as we can. Nazdeeq refund policies will apply.

Is the quality of the items on Amazon guaranteed by Nazdeeq?

Products on Amazon are sold by different sellers around the world, Nazdeeq does not guarantee these items in terms of quality, however we do guarantee the quality of our services in terms of shipping of the items to your address as well as our after sale service for any defective or wrongly received items.

Important Note: Nazdeeq is not responsible to provide any compensation for used items sold on Amazon.

What if I would like to make a purchase from a site other than Amazon?

Nazdeeq only serves Amazon. We try very hard to provide the most streamlined and optimized shopping experience for our customer base. We do plan on expanding in the future to other sites as well.

What if I want to pay for a subscription service? Can Nazdeeq do that for me?

At this point in time, Nazdeeq cannot subscribe to services on your behalf. This is because there are recurring charges involved in subscription business models.

Am I required to sign up to complete my order?

Yes, You will be required to sign up or login to complete your order. You can sign up by using your email or with Facebook, Twitter or Google login.

How can I cancel an order on Nazdeeq?

Order cancelations can happen in a number of ways:

Why was my order canceled?

Cancellations occur either by the customer's request because you no longer want to continue with your order, or because we've been unable to contact you to confirm your order, or because you've added a prohibited item to your cart that cannot be shipped.

* Nazdeeq is responsible for handling customs related paperwork as long as it doesn't required personal intervention from the customer; please refer to Orders, Shipping & Returns section for more information about approvals.